Finding Room for Happiness: An Introduction

No, this blog is not a teen angst blog circa the prehistoric Xanga times. Don’t be fooled by my tagline “Finding Room For Happiness.” I’m actually a 23-year-old graduate student at Elon University, desperately trying to hang on to my sanity while I attempt to become a master of Interactive Media (it’s already dangling by a thread on Day 2 of the semester…NOT A BIG DEAL), and my tagline was inspired by Kaskade – Room For Happiness. The track’s main message is “don’t be fooled by your emptiness, there’s so much more room for happiness.” Admittedly, a little emo…but it resonates with many people (so much so that I’ve seen tattoos of this particular line on more than one female torso) and I think it may become a mantra of sorts for me throughout this program:

“Don’t be fooled by your emptiness HTML coding, Photoshop editing, Flash animating, Pecha Kucha presenting, infinite researching, endless reading, general insanity…

…There’s so much more room for happiness.” = Everything will be okay. 

That’s all I need to know.

As someone with an undergraduate degree in psychology and Spanish, this world of interactive media is entirely new to me. I opted for this program after my work with a community and economic development organization in my hometown of Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. I created a few marketing pieces, informational pamphlets, and service brochures for a few of their departments and really wanted to learn to do it well (potentially for other non-profit organizations in the future). I’ve also developed an interest in the power of social media and how a company or organization can best use it to their advantage. And while marketing development and social media strategizing is really interesting to me, I just can’t seem to escape my fascination and roots with psychology. So maybe I will ultimately find myself putting my undergraduate degree to work after all and explore interactive media through psychology – discovering how the public’s attitudes and behaviors can be swayed by social media, how the public can create massive movements via social media, or how society can find happiness through gaming, etc.

So as overwhelmed as I may will feel at more than one point this year, I’m hoping my tagline will remind me that amidst the stress and chaos of grad school, there’s plenty of room and time for happiness, laughter, and carefree stupidity.


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