“Embrace Change or Become a Design-O-Saur”

– Von Glitschka

On the very surface, “design-o-saur” sounds pretty awesome. Imagine passing out business cards:

Renée Robinson


Call Me, Maybe

No, definitely call me. I sound like the $h*t. A design-o-saur? Sounds like a BEAST at design. Not so. Thanks Urban Dictionary for crushing that dream:

design-o-saur /dəˈzīnˌsôr/ (n.): A graphic designer who is behind the times in learning the latest technology. An outmoded artist or designer on the way to being extinct

Not what I want to be. I want to be on the cutting edge of design. I want to think outside the box, be weird, stand out…and make it look good. I want to embrace this ever-changing field of interactive media and create my own style of design and signature look that captivates an audience. I want to design something beautiful and not by accident…I want to design something beautiful on purpose.  I want to know what looks good and why it looks good and how to critique and take critique to build something even better. This class will teach me how to do all of that. Studying psychology throughout undergrad taught me how to think critically, research, and analyze information – the basis for creating good, engaging content. After Visual Aesthetics, I will understand how to communicate and display that content in an attractive way that truly captures people – the key to this industry.

Aesthetics Cartoon


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