ConvergeSouth Recap

#iMedia13 invaded ConvergeSouth this past Friday – a day-long conference held at the Elon Law school in Greensboro, North Carolina. It was a great day packed with informational sessions led by speakers eager to share their expertise with regards to creative technology in the business world. Not only was it nice to have a break from the usual routine of classes, it left me with valuable informational tidbits and the most Twitter interactions I’ve ever had, which gets me geekily excited. Here are some of the top takeaways of the day as captured by #CS2012 tweets (check the hashtag on Twitter for more):

@rrobinson0929 #iMedia13 let’s get on this Tout business #cs2012

– Tout is essentially a 15-second video Tweet. Who knew?!

@rrobinson0929 Happy Hour Google+ Hangouts? Yes please #cs2012

– One man at the conference talked about using Google+ to host a virtual Happy Hour between professionals to exchange ideas when they couldn’t actually be together

@rrobinson0929 The best thing about tech conferences is the acceptance and encouragement of live tweeting #cs2012

– It’s like having a 2nd conversation on the side of a conversation…it gets even more ideas flowing!

@rrobinson0929 We were told to use videos of dogs doing something funny to get donations #cs2012

– When nonprofits are trying to get money, they need to make their requests punchy and with a sense of humor. Make a personal connection, tell a story, keep people engaged…content is king, but keep it short.

@DrSturg T, W, TH 10am and 1:30 are best times for pitch emails #nonprofit #cs2012

– It matters when you send e-mails asking for money. If you send it outside of these times, you may not get the best results because people will have missed your e-mail (i.e., if you send it on Monday morning…expect it to get deleted right away because everyone is busy clearing out the clutter that amassed over the weekend and they’re too lazy or busy to go through it all).

@rrobinson0929 Pinterest can help nonprofits share their stories through powerful photos #cs2012

– Social media can help nonprofits tell a story which helps you to connect with your audience and amplify your message

@coryawatson “Google understands almost everything.” #cs2012

– I wish I would have gone to this presentation because I saw a TON of tweets regarding this topic. Classmates: ENLIGHTEN ME!

@kohlben Follow @goodtimes if you are a young influencer in social media, marketing, advertising, or PR. Its a new youth project #sm #socialmedia

@rrobinson0929 Note to self: check out gofugyourself blog to see how they use social media to their advantage #cs2012

@somaddiesays Good websites need to be well designed, load fast and have good content #cs2012 #amen

@DioniLWise @Rhogroupee “You want to grab the social conversation…You want to bring in the haters. You want to get out there and dive in.” #cs2012

@rrobinson0929 Focus all your social outposts to draw the bees back to the hive where they’ll make the honey #cs2012 #hivementality

– Your fans, followers, etc. that you gain through social media platforms will help spread your message (“make the honey”) through raising brand awareness, increasing interest in a cause, donating money, etc.

@rrobinson0929 There is such thing as too much sharing. People don’t want to see more than one or two posts per day from a brand on FB #cs2012

@rrobinson0929 @rhogroupee mentioned Topsy as a tool to track brand mentions online. Summize is also useful to track tweet sentiments #cs2012

@rrobinson0929 Cocktail rule for social media: no money, religion or politics #cs2012

@rrobinson0929 The battle for attention is the main battle we are fighting these days – Jeff SanGeorge #cs2012

@stephskordas Content is fire, social media is gasoline — from @JeffSanGeorge press #cs2012

That’s just a short summary of some of things I learned, as you can see it was jam-packed with great info! Definitely take the time to check out the #cs2012 hashtag on Twitter if you want to find more gems. One last thing I learned: Natty Greene’s has tasty beer.


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