Troika means collaboration in Russian.

Sorry, false advertising. It doesn’t really. But after watching a video on the design and branding agency, Troika, Russia should think about adding it to their existing definition, which is actually this:

That’s three horses pulling a sleigh and is also entirely beside the point. I’m really here to talk about Troika the design group. They’re all about collaboration – firmly believing that individuals coming together to work can create something far greater than one person doing it alone. Case in point: our iMedia program. Despite group projects getting a bad rep for being a pain in the ass more times than not (often because they really are a pain in the ass more times than not), it really is true that getting a bunch of quirky, creative minds together to work towards a common goal usually results in something more innovative, unique, and HOLY HELL AWESOME than if one individual set out to conquer a project him/herself. And that’s really a lot of what a great designer does…they tap in to other people with different skill sets and have open minds to design towards what’s possible in the world, not just what’s possible in your own skill set (which is limited compared to what the skill set of say, 5, designers would be).

Apart from stressing collaboration, Troika really strives to create an energetic and vibrant work atmosphere that stimulates the mind and creativity in a comfortable environment. It definitely has that laid-back, fun vibe that I hope to work in post-graduation. Any place that blasts music and provides lunch for its employees has my vote (and my resume): HIRE ME. Troika really reminded me a lot of Mullen, another crazy creative ad agency that I would be just thrilled to work for:

It’s just so open and free! So much better than a stifling room full of cubicles that just box up everybody’s ideas in one tiny space like a jail cell. So, can we get the iMedia floor looking like that? I mean, it’s already a fairly decent space that lends itself to a collaborative environment as well, but I think if we just knock out the brick walls of 2nd floor Powell and put floor-to-ceiling windows that we can crack open when it’s nice out and maybe lay in some hammocks sipping piña coladas while we code some websites, create Flash games, and design typefaces…we might be just a little better off. Want me to start writing a grant to fund that project now?


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