Living la Pura Vida

I’ve never been to a warm place in winter (minus the southern United States which now gets pretty toasty with the whole global warming thing going on), so spending a week in San José, Costa Rica for the beginning of January is quite the opportunity (to get my pasty pale skin sunburnt).  I’m not going for vacation, but rather to work on a service project for an environmental conservation agency called CODECE (based in Escazú, Costa Rica). I’m doing it as part of my Interactive Media master’s at Elon University. We’re supposed to write a reflection every single day of winter term (which lasts nearly the whole month of January) and I’ve already fallen behind, so here’s me catching up now…let’s go back to Day 1.

Day 1 – January 3, 2013

What did you do today? The day before leaving to live la Pura Vida for a week, we had a group meeting to collect ourselves and make sure we had everything ready to go. Canons, Sonys, hard drives, memory cards, XLR cables, tripods, lav mics….check check check check check….

We went over a potential itinerary that was sent to us from CODECE and it really got me excited for the journey we were about to embark on. Throughout the fall semester, we really had no clue what was ahead of us coming down here to Costa Rica. But the itinerary talked of hikes through the hills, seeing waterfalls, watching locals make masks and press sugar cane, among all of the work we were to do…it all sounded so fun and such a great learning experience on top of helping a non-profit get much-needed exposure.


With regards to the project, what specific things are you worried about? Before leaving, I didn’t have too many anxieties about the project. I think I was most worried about not getting enough material to work with once getting back to the states. It’s very stressful only having one shot at something – whether it’s an interview, a particular photo, etc. – and if you don’t get it while you’re there…you’re out of luck. I was also a little worried about my job as a translator, but I’m sure Sylvia will be more than willing to help us get everything figured out.

Do you feel prepared for this project professionally? Why or why not? I felt prepared coming into this project. I think it would have helped to have had a little more contact with the client before flying into Costa Rica just to know more of what they wanted out of us  (i.e., what did they want the website’s focus to be?) and to understand CODECE and it’s side projects a little bit better, but I think we will figure it out as we work alongside them for a week.

Cheers to la pura vida!


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