Sunburn in January

Day 5 – January 7, 2013

I’m finally caught up on blog posts! Hopefully this trend will last.

Today we headed back to CODECE to learn even more about the organization, specifically focusing on the “Regulatory Plan” (a.k.a. Planning Commission). Don Francisco, the director and founder of CODECE, talked to us for hours…sharing his knowledge of the organization and telling us all about municipal government and what CODECE does, why, and what the plan means. It was a really informative session and I think we all understand the group a whole lot better. We also got a chance to walk around some of the rural countryside to take pictures and video footage of some of the farms on the hill and we saw some more spectacular views of the city from above during the daytime. Tonight, we’re going to grill food at our hotel (taking a break from rice and beans), watch the football game (ROLL TIDE! Or maybe I should cheer for my roots…GO IRISH!) and get some work done (please note I originally typed “drink” instead of “get some work done”).

Now that you have met your client and learned more about their needs and goals, what realizations have you made about your own preparedness and flexibility with this project? As the writer for our group, I of course came into the project with my own ideas of the content to display and how to do that creatively. In meeting the client, I now have a better idea of what they think is important and while it does match quite a bit with my initial ideas, it will take some re-working in my mind of how to best communicate their message in a clear way, but also add some distinct flavor and character that I always like my work to have. It was difficult to be more prepared for my position as we didn’t really have constant contact with CODECE before coming, so I couldn’t gather too much content beforehand. We sort of came into the trip blind (as did many other groups), but I think I am a very flexible person and can easily change my ideas of the content that needs to be displayed on the website.

How do you feel the project is going? So far, I’m feeling really good about where we’re headed with the project. We have gathered some really great content and I think that we will be able to piece it all together in a really unique way that will help our client, especially after our serious work day tomorrow. I know after we actually sit down and look at everything we’ve gathered – photos, videos, written content – we will have a better idea of the story we want to tell and what might be missing. Having a group that I enjoy working with definitely helps to make this project run smoothly (no major snafus so far…please knock on wood) and I feel confident that we will create a great final project.

P.S. I’m sunburnt. My quads still hurt. And I fell in love with a horse.



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