We came to Costa Rica to work?

Now that I (finally) made it back to the states, I have some much needed time to catch up on all of my reflections for our trip to Costa Rica. I guess I left off on Day 5, so here’s a glimpse of our Day 6:

Day 6 – January 8, 2013

Not a really eventful one for me. One half of the group got to go on a super challenging (but rewarding) hike to see some awesome views and check out the trail that people run when participating in CODECE’s Cross-Country Race to Save the Hills (which is a fundraising event). I would have loved to join, but I stayed back at the hotel with a few other group members to get some much-needed work done on evaluating the content we had gathered so far and to begin sifting through interview footage with Sylvia to find some good quotes that could be used for our website’s video and to begin translating speeches/interviews from Spanish to English. After a morning full of work, we had lunch by the pool and continued working through the rest of the afternoon. We got quite a bit of work done, but of course it’s always difficult to stay cooped up inside when you’re in a foreign country. Since we have limited time in Costa Rica, however, and our project for this class is really our top priority, I (understandably) had to sacrifice a little bit. At least my quads got a chance to recover from the first hike.

Since I didn’t really leave the hotel for too long, except for running out to dinner…I’ll leave you with a picture of the view from CODECE’s main building:



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