Time flies

Day 8 – January 10, 2013

Day 8 was our final day with CODECE (already). Although we were only with them a week, it was still a little sad to be saying goodbye. In the morning, we worked hard putting together a presentation for CODECE to show them a little glimpse into all of the content we gathered (pictures, video, interview clips, etc.), website design ideas, and how we would organize everything (information architecture). Of course it’s nowhere near what the final project will ultimately look like, but it was cool to see them excited about what we took away from the trip. I hope our work will help make a difference to them, they were really a great group to work with. After our presentation, we celebrated by having a cookout at our hotel and just hanging out for the night.


What insights about media production have you gained by working in a large group on a professional project? So far, this project has really opened my eyes to just how much content has to be gathered when creating a website. We shot hundreds and hundreds of photos, hours of video, wrote pages of notes, etc…all for one website. I have realized you really need to just gather anything and everything, because you never know what you’re going to need down the line. It is better to have it and never use it, then have a great idea for something and realize you don’t have the perfect photo or soundbyte that you really need to complete a piece of work.

Did completing your professional development plan make a difference in your competence at your job here in Costa Rica? Knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently? Although completing the plan helped to get me thinking about my position and what it would entail, I don’t know if it ultimately helped allll that much. I feel like it is the nature of this winter term class to go into it relatively blind, but it really would have helped to give me more direction and an understanding of what I would need to find out while in Costa Rica and what to talk about with who if I had had a contact person before leaving the country. It would have been really useful to chat with someone at least via e-mail from CODECE multiple times to get acquainted, get more background on the organization, and start getting a feel for the story they want to tell. It was difficult to land in Costa Rica and start from the very beginning without a sense of direction. In the future, I would try to get a better idea of what the website was to focus on so that I could be sure to get all of the information I need while I have the chance.


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