At least American Airlines tweets back

Day 10 – January 12, 2013

So I know we all said we didn’t want to leave Costa Rica…but there really is some truth to the saying “be careful what you wish for.” Again, we got up before the sun rose in order to leave for the airport by 6:30 for our 9:30 flight home. We paid our taxes, checked in, went through security, waited, boarded, and then were told that the extra battery wasn’t working. NOT what you want to hear when you’re about to be 38,000 feet into the air. They got some tech people working on it, who supposedly fixed it, but the plane was still signaling that it wasn’t working, so we had to de-board the plane and wait for further instructions, which came at a rate of about 50 different versions. First, our flight was delayed until noon, then 3, then cancelled, then we were supposed to stay in Costa Rica, then we were supposed to stay in Dallas (our connecting flight), then the flight was back on at 1…that really did end up happening, which was great until we missed our connecting flight in Dallas and there were no other flights out to Raleigh that night. Sooooo…we were put up in a hotel for the night (after being told we were leaving at 8:30pm that night, then NO WAIT! 8:30pm the NEXT night, then finally 7:50 the next morning to Greensboro instead). Thank you American Airlines. Your tweets in response to my complaints were half-appreciated…your service, not so much.

What difference did you make to the success of the team?

Since today was a travelling day from hell, I don’t know that I made too much of a difference to the success of the team…except my alarmingly wonderful charm and hilarious sense of humor.

I was kidding in case you can’t read sarcasm on the internet. Egotistical jokes are the best.

I think my main contribution to the team thus far has been helping with the translations, as I mentioned before. I took a lot of notes to refer back to and I started pulling noteworthy quotes together, which I think that will help us have a more compelling website in the end.

What difference did you make to the client?

I think my biggest contribution to the client will be telling their story in a sincere, inspiring, and entertaining way. At least I hope so. As the writer, I am responsible for much of the written content on the website, and if all goes as planned, CODECE’s wonderful efforts will become more well-known and motivate others to join their cause.

As you prepare to leave Costa Rica, what ideas do you have for conveying the visual environment of the country to an audience who may never travel there?

I think using bright, vibrant colors (like those seen on the traditional ox-carts which decorate many yards of people’s houses) to accent the rich natural tones of the environment would be a good way to convey the flavor of Costa Rica to those who have never travelled there. There are also so many great textures that can be a source of visual inspiration, such as the woods, graffiti, mosaics, etc. The beauty and contour of the mountains, the farms, flowers, trees, cascading waterfalls…all nature has to offer…is also a primary source of inspiration, which can help to paint a picture for someone who hasn’t witnessed Costa Rica firsthand.



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