If you like piña coladas…

Day 9 – January 11, 2013

The beach in January? I could get used to that. I think living in the south has officially made me a warm weather lover and a pansy when it comes to snow. I’ll take it on Christmas Eve and maybe even day, but after that…find me some sun, a hammock, and a piña colada. Luckily, we found all of that today at La Isla Tortuga. After a busy week gathering as much content as we could for CODECE’s website, we took the day off to relax on the beach and dip our toes in the Pacific Ocean, which is a spectacular shade of blue and green in that part of the world…a stark contrast to the muddy-looking waters I used to splash around in in Ocean City. Although we had to get up at 5:30 to catch a bus to Puntarenas, it ultimately ended up being wellll worth the limited sleep. Once arriving in Puntarenas, we had a delicious traditional breakfast before boarding the catamaran, which took us to the island. I did not expect the 5-star treatment on the boat, but there I was…sunbathing on the front of the boat, with my toes chilling in a pool, and being hand-served the most mouthwateringly delicious pineapple I’ve ever tasted. I almost didn’t even want to leave the boat to get to the beach.

Just kidding. The beach was too gorgeous. We had another great meal shortly after arriving and snorkeling, which I had never done before! It was so awesome to swim around with the fish and see the coral. After lunch, we walked along the coast before going on a banana ride…the crazy kind. It was a ton of fun…I think we tipped over 3 times. Before heading home, we enjoyed piña coladas and talked with some parrots outside the souvenir shop. The catamaran ride home was beautiful…the sun setting behind the mountains in the distance was gorgeous. Is everything prettier in Costa Rica? The only thing that dampened the day (pun intended) was a HUGE wave that crashed on the side of the boat EXACTLY where myself and a few other lucky people chose to sit. Fortunately it was after I changed into dry clothes, so I had the wonderful opportunity to sit on a bus home for a few hours in sopping wet clothing because I didn’t think to bring extra. Oh well. It was funny the moment it happened…not so much afterwards. Despite that mishap, it was a perfect ending to our Costa Rican adventures.


Has doing this project for a non-profit client affected what you learned from it and/or your career goals? Why or why not?

Because I have worked for a non-profit organization before, I have already been able to experience some of the ins and outs of such an organization. I don’t think working for a non-profit client such as CODECE necessarily affected what I learned, but it did further illustrate the frustrations that are often run into when working for a non-profit. Obviously such organizations do not have much money to work with (unless you’re a powerhouse like Habitat for Humanity), which often limits what they can accomplish. Although the people are always extremely passionate about the work they do for non-profits, that isn’t always enough to keep them going…money is.

I don’t think working with CODECE affected my career goals, too much. I have often thought that I wanted to work for a non-profit organization in the future because they strive to make a difference and create change in the world. I don’t know if that is the sector I will ultimately end up in, but I think it would be fulfilling.


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