Define: Espionage

Day 14 – January 16, 2013

I’m only 2 hours past being on time for this reflection. Quite the accomplishment. So, I’m going to talk about what I did as if it were still January 16th.

Today, we really started getting into the thick of everything. Audra and Fidelis started ripping apart the basic WordPress template in order to essentially build the website  up from scratch while Katie worked on the designs and Jake/Nate began compiling photos and videos to create the videos out of the storyboards Nita and I came up with. Nita did everything a project manager does (which is a lot). I spent the morning clipping more quotes, editing and writing more content after searching through more notes, searching for music for the videos, etc. There’s a lot going on! We had a critique session this afternoon to give each other feedback on everything that we had been working on. Although it eats up a lot of time, it’s a really valuable thing to do so that we’re all on the same page creatively and heading in the direction we all want to go with everything. I worked some more after the meeting and then headed to the gym and grabbed dinner as a break before heading back to the lab until almost 1am. I feel like I’m working so much more slowly than usual because I just don’t have all of the content that I would really like and really need to work with. I feel like I have had to try to come up with things to say just off the top of my head because we were not given much content that would be useable for the website. Yes, we got a lot of great anecdotes and some interesting facts, but in the grand scheme of things, I don’t know that the majority of the information we heard was too helpful for us when it comes to creating a website for them. For example, education is a large part of what CODECE does…and I understand what that entails for the most part, but I just don’t know how I’m supposed to write a whole webpage worth of content on their educational efforts when all I have to work with is a couple paragraphs from an old document and them repeatedly saying they have some organic farming workshops, they published some books, and they do some programs in schools. How do I fill in the gaps? With a lot of flowery adjectives, I suppose. I just hope that people find the content compelling and interesting enough to read. I’m really worried that it’s just going to be so sparse and people won’t be interested or won’t understand what CODECE is or maybe they’ll feel like I’m beating them over the head with a bag of bricks by saying that CODECE “saves the natural richness and lively traditions” 59 times in 21 different ways. Maybe I’m just being cynical because it’s 2:15 and I just want to fall in bed and sleep and sleep and sleep. I’m sure we’ll have a great project by the end (which is only a week away…woof).

Now that you are back, evaluate how effectively the group is working together to complete the project.

While we have not had any major clashes (which is quite a feat for a 6-person team), it is obvious that tensions are rising. Of course that’s to be expected when people are running low on sleep, are stressed, and are required to be stuck in a jail cell Powell together all day. You eventually get annoyed. Originally, we were all kind of dispersed throughout the floor, doing our own things in our respective areas, but after the critique session, we all moved in to the same room. Although I think this can lend itself to increased annoyance with each other (no matter how much you like a person, their quirks may not be so cute after being around them all day…myself included), I think this was a smart decision. We all need to be easily accessible to each other so we can get constant feedback and help when needed, bounce ideas off of each other, and just focus on what needs to get done. After spending the night in the lab and seeing all of the great progress that Audra/Fidelis/Katie made, I feel better about our progress as a group, but I’m still really stressing about all of our other components of the website (from written content to graphics to animations to videos). I just don’t see how they’re going to get done in time, at a high quality. We only have 1 week from right now to be done with everything and we have to keep in mind that it’s for a real client…not just another assignment you drop in a folder on Quicksilver and hope you get an HP. Maybe after seeing some more progress tomorrow and Friday, I’ll start feeling like we’re in a better place.

So as a group, we’re doing fine, I guess I just find myself feeling a little aggravated with this project as a whole, right now. I really just don’t like the whole competitive vibe that is being thrown off from various directions. Don’t get me wrong, I like a little competition – whether it’s playing field hockey, making bets during March Madness, playing beer pong like I’m in college again – but making this project competitive? I don’t get it. All of our clients are different, therefore our websites have to be different, therefore how the hell can you compare apples to oranges? You can’t. So please stop spying and trying to one up everybody. It just creates a negative atmosphere and makes everybody a little less pleasant to be around…it’s also a really unflattering quality (for all ages).

I need to find a happy place



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