Note to self…

…don’t write at 1:50am unless you’re truly inspired (or else you’ll get the most boring blog post known to man. Please see below.

Day 13 – January 15, 2013

These days are blending together already and we’re not even through one full workweek…what did I do yesterday? Ummmm…more work? My mind isn’t picking out the details momentarily, but my vague recollection tells me that we discussed WordPress themes for the website – trying to find one that had all of the features that we thought would be most useful to CODECE and easiest for us to work with coding-wise. Big shout out to Fidelis and Audra who will be tackling that beast. If I didn’t have my own work to do, I would be watching every step they take because I’ll be dealing with WordPress this spring semester as I build my capstone project. So, I worked on writing more content for the website and fitting quotes or taglines in to the different sections, wading through more interviews and separating the best quotes from the rest of the speech or interview, coming up with storyboards for our videos, etc. So, I guess we’re making progress?

Now that you are back on campus, do you see specific ways in which you are using the fall preparation in your work?

I’m using a little bit of what I learned about Adobe Premiere to help me with compiling and cutting some of the video interviews. I know to many that is really nothing to boast about, but before entering this program, I had never even heard of Adobe Premiere, so…c’mon, give me some credit. I think because I’m the writer, which doesn’t really require much technical skill (computer-wise), I haven’t really had to apply too many hard skills that we learned in the fall semester. Overall, I think I may just be using more of the teamwork skills and work habits that were developed in the first part of the year and I have learned to really plan things out in my mind before doing (i.e., information architecture and storyboarding).

Sidenote: I think I finally figured out the 2nd word written on this rock, thanks to some Instagram friends. Water is Life (that darn “a” must have just rubbed right off…you wouldn’t believe how many searches I did, trying to find a translation for any variation of “ago,” “agu,” “ayo,” “ayu,” etc. in Spanish to English).



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