Thundersnow won’t hold us down

Day 16 – January 18, 2013

So today didn’t turn into a huge snow day (as hoped), but it did snow enough last night to give us a little bit of a break this morning (actually, thundersnowed…there was thunder and lightning and snow…so bizarre! But so cool!). It was nice to have a bit of a leisurely morning before going in to school to work. I worked on adding more content to the organic agriculture section of our website (including some anecdotes from a few of the people we interviewed), translated a few things, wrote captions for the pictures going in to the farming slideshow, and tonight I will probably look for photos for our timeline, come up with some interesting titles for each date of the timeline, choose quotes for each section of the webpage if we have a little breakout section, and maybe do some research for WordPress plug-ins to help lighten the load for Audra and Fidelis who are slaving away with the code for the site. Every time I start feeling like things are coming together, I get all nervous about the amount of work we still have left. It’s hard to plow through all of this because we’re literally working on this project or thinking about it when we’re not actually working on it all day, every day. It’s easy to get burnt out. I know my mind wants a break from it, and even when I go to the gym to clear my head, thoughts of CODECE creep in to my mind. I know it will be rewarding when it’s all said and done, but right now I would just like to curl up on the couch with a glass of wine, some mint chocolate chip ice cream, and Mad Men. Sounds like a perfect treat for me if I finish my to-do list.

How has the dynamic of working for your client changed positively now that we are back?

I am very happy with the conversation that we have been able to continue with CODECE since being back. If only it had been like that before leaving and maybe we would have been more prepared going in to this. They have been really responsible to all of our questions and have gotten back to us with answers we need in a really timely manners. It’s really great with such a time-sensitive project. They have been super helpful with providing us any extra info we need and giving us feedback on things we’ve already accomplished. It’s cool to see all of us working together, even though we’re separated by thousands of miles.

How has the dynamic of working for your client changed negatively now that we are back?

I think we have a pretty easy client to work with, so I don’t see anything that’s super negative. It is a little difficult to fill a full website with limited content, however. I do wish we had more information to pull from so that I didn’t feel like I were pulling teeth to come up with something to say for each section. I am trying my best to write in a way that educates, but also keeps people interested, and I think I’m doing a fine job, but I feel as if I could have more. It just doesn’t feel final yet, despite the fact I’m essentially done writing the main content (the only written content that is left would be captions as needed for any photos that people think to include, subtitles, titles, etc…minor things unless someone, including me, comes up with some creative idea to add more info).

This time next week we’ll be DONE and on break! HALLELUJAH! 


 And that’s how happy I will be.

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