Inching closer

Day 18 – January 20, 2013

I headed in to Powell around 11 today to make sure things were getting ready to hand over to Fidelis and Audra to be plugged in to the layout that they put in to WordPress (by slaving away for hours for the past several days). I tweaked the content a little bit more, found some appropriate photos for CODECE’s timeline, helped to give some feedback on the videos again and the whole website so far as a whole. Almost there. Just 3 more days of nonstop work. Thank goodness for the football break we took tonight, although now I’m conflicted who to root for in the Super Bowl. I kinda wanna pull for the Ravens, but I’m usually a Steelers fan. That’s blasphemy.


What difference did you make to the success of the team?

I think I helped the team by lending another opinion in regards to the videos that we have. It’s good to have a few different eyes on them, even if that makes the editing process a little more difficult. I also helped move us towards to the end goal by making sure the content is as good as it can be (with what we have to work with) so that it is hopefully engaging to the public. Our design of the website looks great and it’s so important to have a clean, interesting, and attractive site to look at…but if it doesn’t say anything of value, then what good is it? Hopefully all of my content writing and editing will spread a good message in a way that actually interests people.

What difference did you make to the client?

I took in to account some of the changes and corrections CODECE wanted us to make to the content, which is very important to them because they want to have the most accurate information presented to the public and spread a message that is true to their values and personality. I have tried to present the information in a way consistent with their values and also in a way that will interest visitors to the website.


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