The day Elon finally recognizes MLK Day…

…and we have to work. The four years I went to Elon as an undergrad, they never cancelled classes on MLK Day. Of course the year they finally decide to, I’m a grad student, and we don’t stop working. Also missed the inaugeration. Rough life.


Today was filled with a lot more of the usual grind. I was running a bit behind schedule this morning so I made a pit stop at Starbucks to buy a huge box of coffee for my teammates as a way a little pick me-up and a “sorry I’m a teeny bit late.” It ended up being fine. The power of caffeine.

Shortly after making it to school, we had a group meeting that lasted for quite some time. We really started picking out some of the finer points and smaller details in order to get the website exactly where it needs to be for the presentation. Of course we still have some bigger things to do, like adding a motion graphic, figuring out featurette boxes, and duplicating the entire website in Spanish…but it’s good when you start looking at the smaller details because you know you’re nearing the end. After our critique session, I worked on writing some more content (againnnn) for a few of the sections of the website (i.e., contact us and help us), found a copy of Escazú’s Regulatory Plan to be linked to in our website, translated the additional content I wrote into Spanish (which took much longer than necessary…just proves how rusty you get after not using it for over a year), and then logged in to WordPress (for the first time! I didn’t want to TOUCH the code out of fear I would mess up all of Audra and Fidelis’ hard work) in order to directly edit some of the content that had been put on the website before I changed some things. After that (and successfully NOT messing everything up in WordPress), I headed to the gym, grabbed some dinner, and then came home to make sure the content outline document was ready to go in Spanish. Everything seems to be coming together and I think we will be ready by the time 10:00am rolls around on Thursday, although I am still a teeny bit nervous. I just hope everything is finished on time, looks good, and we have a chance to sleep before trying to dazzle the crowd at the presentation.


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