Mission: (Nearly) Complete

Day 20 – January 22, 2013

Today seemed to be filled with tying up a lot of loose ends for me. I met with George, a foreign exchange student from the Dominican Republic, to get some Spanish voiceovers for our videos. He was super helpful and had a voice that would probably make a great sleep soundtrack – very deep and soothing. Haha. Good thing there’s a .01% chance of him ever stumbling upon this because that might creep a normal person out (I’m so not normal). Spanish is just a very pretty language compared to standard American English. We just sound like dumbasses. After that, I worked on coming up with a few more random phrases and blurbs for various things (in English and Spanish) and made sure all of the content documents were updated on the server in case anybody needed to use or refer to them. I also helped Katie to come up with a short script for the motion graphic on young mountains (so sounds like a rapper name) and compiled a bunch of photos and videos for the boys to use for their last video project (a little overview of our experience working on this project in Costa Rica). T-Minus 39 hours and we’ll be DUNZO.

What worked well in preparing you for this experience?

Practicing how to set up the video camera and lighting equipment before going on the fly-in helped us, as well as editing interviews in Premiere. While we still fumbled through the first interview or two at least a little bit, I know we were much better off than we would have been had we not practiced that in the fall. Some of the other group projects we did throughout the first semester also helped to prepare us – whether it was just getting used to working in a group with fairly tight time constraints, producing a website in limited time like in Walsh’s class (although we definitely didn’t have to produce anything quite to this degree) or learning how to divide up work based on strengths and weaknesses and needs and time issues.

This is how I practiced editing interviews before leaving for Costa Rica

This is how I practiced editing interviews before leaving for Costa Rica

What other preparation would have been useful?

As I have mentioned before, I really would have liked to have had way more contact with the client going in to this project. I know that that sometimes isn’t feasible, but it really would have helped us to go down there better prepared and ready to go. I think if we had been able to talk to the client about their needs and wants and expectations, we could have thought out exactly what we wanted to accomplish while in Costa Rica and would have known exactly what content to gather and how. We did our best to capture as much as possible, but not exactly figuring out a direction until the end of the week/when we got back to Elon, really made it difficult to tell certain stories once getting home. Amazingly, the site has really come together and it really looks great…I just know it would have been much less of a headache and stressor for everyone had we been able to put in a little more work on the front end of the project, rather than trying to cram everything in at the end and in such a short span of time.


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