I bet spring semester in grad school isn’t like undergrad…

My name is Renée.

I am into Instagram.

Good beats bring good vibes.

A haiku may be a bit of an unconventional way to open up an introductory paper on yourself, but it’s a little more interesting than saying I’m Renée Robinson and I’m from central Pennsylvania – yeah, we have Amish there.

I grew up in a small college town and have lived there all my life (Lewisburg, PA: home to Bucknell University, mostly well-known for upsetting Kansas in the NCAA basketball tourney in 2005). I went to Elon for undergrad and graduated in 2011 with a psychology and Spanish degree. I had no clue what I wanted to do upon graduating, other than knowing that I was eventually going to go back to school to either get a master’s or a PhD. Originally, I thought I was going to go back for psychology, but obviously I ended up right back at Elon for iMedia – a total flip. I had never taken a communications class before this program, minus a half-semester long interpersonal communications class where I learned that whatever you say before “but” in a sentence, is completely negated by whatever comes in the second half.

Example: “I really like you, but I just don’t want to date you right now.”

Does it even matter that whoever said it likes you? Point is…they don’t want to be with you. You don’t get what you want.

Anyway, so now I’m in iMedia and while it was entirely overwhelming at first, I’m enjoying it and it has been really interesting to learn something entirely new. I know the skills that we’re learning we’ll be able to be applied in any career I end up in. Because I am still becoming familiar with the field and learning the job options available to me, I’m not entirely sure what my professional goals, but I know that I am not as interested in producing media (such as building a website, creating animations, etc.) as I am writing content, managing, running social media programs for a company, etc. I think my dream job right now would be a social media manager where I get to run the Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, all other social media accounts (the list really goes on these days) for a company and help to build their brand. I don’t really have any experience in the advertising/marketing field, so this may be more difficult to break into but I think this degree will help and my psychology background is definitely very applicable.


I am interested in this class because I think it will be very valuable to me as I search for jobs that are more directed towards management and writing content. It is obviously crucial to be cognizant of what is legal and illegal in this field and since I have only had a brief introduction to copyright law and similar issues as part of bootcamp this past summer, I think it would be great to learn more about this side of the industry. I think it’s really fascinating to debate what’s allowed and not in such an abstract way – owning an idea, for example? It’s a difficult thing to put your finger on, which makes it such a debated topic and really interesting to hear all points of view.


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