One good thing about music…

Well…quite honestly…there’s so much more than one good thing about music. To me, it’s like a religion. Ugh, that statement is cheesier than a bowl of queso at my favorite Mexican restaurant. But, I don’t know that any other word captures just how much it means to me. Music moves me and every live show I’ve been to is an amazing experience that often leaves me with goose bumps. And the only thing to bring me to tears more often may be the animal abuse commercials with Sarah McLachlan singing in the background (which happens more often than you may think because my love for animals is as deep as my love for music).


Every concert I attend is a breathtaking experience.

So when it came time to decide what I wanted to devote my entire spring semester to as part of my Interactive Media master’s program, music seemed the obvious choice (although somehow I didn’t quite realize it at first). In order to graduate, we have to complete a thesis displaying all of the skills we’ve gathered in our short year of intense study. Obviously a lot of work is expected, so you better pick something you’re excited about. Music is my passion, so I knew I wanted to incorporate it into my project to lessen just how much I’m going to want to rip my eyeballs out at some point in the semester when I just can’t see how everything is going to get done in time. After checking out 30 Conversations on Design for my Visual Aesthetics class in the fall, I decided to do a spinoff for my capstone project: Conversations on Music (catchy, witty name TBD). My plan is to interview as many artists as I can – from college students who are trying to break in to the industry to local bands to maybe even some more well-known acts after some intense campaigning to get them to participate (fingers crossed – Diplo has already retweeted me 3 times, think he’ll help me with this?). I’m still working out the details for my final project proposal due next week, but as of right now, I plan to have short video clips of each artist or band answering a small set of questions to start a conversation on music that hopefully others will want to get involved in, react to, comment on, etc. I am also planning to do a social media campaign of sorts since that is my professional goal as of right now – I would love to be the social media manager of a company and help with their marketing and branding strategies. I hope to develop my own hashtag that will get others talking about this on Twitter and showing their love for music on Instagram. Our multimedia storytelling class introduced me to Zeega, a really awesome storytelling website, and coincidentally gave me some more inspiration for this project at a time when I really needed it. Austin Music Map is a website powered by Zeega that takes the audience through the streets of Austin to showoff the thriving music scene there. And it does so with the help of regular community members and fans of music, like you and I. I love how it’s so participatory and is fueled by regular citizens’ passion for music. I hope to create a site out of the same vein with this capstone project.

So that is the very basic gist of what I have planned for this semester. So far, it’s just been a lot of thinking (which is hard to do!), brainstorming, searching for inspiration, etc. in order to write a proposal to get approved. It was due way back in December in order to get some feedback from professors in the program, so now our final proposal is due this coming week.

My proposal in-progress

My proposal in-progress

As part of the project and capstone class, we are supposed to document every step of the way. So this is my first blog installment for the semester and each week, I’ll provide updates on my progress until 15 weeks from now, I’ll be able to debut hopefully one kick-ass website showcasing all of my work and my personal addition to the global conversation on music. I know music means so much (and so many different things) to so many different people, so I hope this will be an interesting website to others and will inspire them to share their own thoughts on something that has come to mean so much to me.

One good thing about music…

…when it hits you, you feel no pain.



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