Thinking is hard.

I spent the past week trying to really work out the finer details of my capstone project in order to complete my final proposal. Thinking through such a big project is difficult! I want my project to be creative and unique and interesting to the public..but I also don’t want to promise the moon and fall short. It has to be feasible, but still something that I’m proud of. I feel like I have a pretty good grasp now. My final proposal seems pretty sound and I’m getting excited to work on this.

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 11.23.42 AM

Here’s the week-by-week schedule I put together to hopefully keep me on track throughout the semester (I’m sure it will be shifted around A LOT because of road blocks that pop up along the way).


Week 1: 2.4 – 2.8

  • 2.7: Project proposal peer workshop
  • Continue working on details of proposal and project to have finalized version by next week (taking in to consideration suggestions made by peers and faculty)

Week 2: 2.11 – 2.15

  • 2.12: Meet with Motley to discuss proposal and any final revisions that need to be made
  • 2.14: Final proposal pitch to class and critique
  • Gather resources that will be useful to project (other music blogs for inspiration; websites with WordPress tutorials; revisit sources used for branding through social media literature review)
  • Make list of potential artists to be interviewed, starting with local bands (based on those who perform at Fat Frogg, BrewBalls, on campus, etc.)
  • Talk to other program members who have connections to artists that might be willing to participate to add to list of potential interviewees

Week 3: 2.18 – 2.22

  • Gather design inspiration by looking at other music blogs, browsing websites, looking through magazines, concert photos, etc.
  • Look at other music blogs to see what aesthetics look good, analyze the content, etc.
  • Research effective social media campaigns
  • Brainstorm title of website, what hashtag could be used for social media component to get others involved, potential “logo” for website
  • Continue thinking about what questions would be best to ask artists – what would create best narrative? Be most interesting to an audience?
  • Research potential WordPress theme to be used (Which ones support and display video the best? What plugins would be useful?)
  • Talk to Pete Ustach (Fat Frogg/Pandora’s Pies manager, Elon alum) to tell him about project and asking if he would be willing to help connect me with artists

Week 4: 2.25 – 3.1

  • 2.28: Pre-production peer workshop
  • Continue gathering design inspiration, working on design sketches and wireframes for potential layouts considering WordPress theme research results thus far
  • Card sorting (for navigation bar, pages of website)
  • Decide on set of questions to ask artists
  • Decide on best hashtag for project, title of website
  • Continue searching WordPress themes and plug-ins
  • Start getting in touch with artists to see if they would be willing to participate

Week 5: 3.4 – 3.8

  • Continue working on design sketches, wireframes, and begin developing designs in Adobe software programs (Illustrator and Photoshop)
  • Have WordPress themes narrowed so that a decision on the best one can be made
  • Continue reaching out to artists to participate
  • Set up Twitter handle for website and begin using hashtag; also begin using hashtag on Instagram
  • Gather footage at Major Lazer concert at Cat’s Cradle to potentially be used in promo/intro video; gather other clips I’ve taken in the past from other concerts that could also be used

Week 6: 3.11 – 3.15

  • 3.14: Pre-production critique
  • Have wireframes completed, continue working on designs in Adobe programs and have examples ready to show to class for critique
  • Start gathering interview footage from willing artists
  • Use hashtag to get people interested in project and conversation
  • WordPress theme should definitely be decided on by this point (at the latest)

Week 7: 3.18 – 3.22

  • Continue contacting artists and gathering interview clips
  • Begin incorporating own design ideas into the established WordPress theme (putting in logo, changing colors, working on navigation bar)

Week 8: 3.25 – 3.29 *Spring Break

  • Continue working on coding website to get designs incorporated into WordPress
  • Continue contacting people to help and contribute
  • Start making necessary edits to any interview footage that has been gathered
  • Continue social media efforts

Week 9: 4.1 – 4.5

  • Begin putting any interview footage that has been gathered into website
  • Based on research, put in plug-ins that would incorporate social media streams into website and comment sections for underneath each interview video
  • Write content for website (introduction, about project,
  • Get more interviews! Hope to have at least half by now
  • Work on storyboard idea for intro/promo video

Week 10: 4.8 – 4.12

  • 4.11: Production peer workshop
  • Continue coding and putting in footage
  • Put in written content thus far
  • Start assembling rough cuts for promo/intro video
  • Get more interviews (always)

Week 11: 4.15 – 4.19

  • 4.16 or 4.18: Instructor review
  • Continue coding, putting in footage, putting in written content…are plug-ins are working?
  • Continue putting intro/promo video together, make graphics for it (with logo to brand website)
  • Social media efforts = one month til launch!

Week 12: 4.22 – 4.26

  • Continue gathering footage/editing it/adding to website, coding website, adding written content to website, driving social media campaign, etc.
  • Continue editing promo/intro video, finalize graphics and add simple animations After Effects
  • More interviews

Week 13: 4.29 – 5.3

  • 5.2: Production critique
  • Continue gathering footage/editing it/adding to website, coding website, finalizing written content of website, driving social media campaign, etc.
  • Promo/intro video should be close to being finished, animated graphics should be added to what is currently finished
  • More interviews

Week 14: 5.6 – 5.10

  • Have promo/intro video finished so it can be spread on social media to get people excited about website “release” next week
  • Final interviews should be edited and placed on website
  • Written content should be finalized
  • Continue coding and tweaking website

Week 15: 5.13 – 5.17

  • 5.14: Post-production peer workshop
  • Make adjustments as suggested by peers, continue putting finishing touches on, adding in last interviews
  • Social media to the extreme! Promote intro video

May 20: Final project due 8:30am

It seems like we have so much time, but I know these (now) 13 weeks are going to fly by with everything else we have going on – 3 other classes, portfolio building, networking, job searching, (hopefully) interviewing, etc. I’ve gotten off to kind of a slow start it seems with this project, but thinking through all of the details and taking my time with that will pay off in the long run. Having a good road map for the weeks ahead should help it to go more smoothly. Next week, I’ll really hit the ground running.

I’ll leave you with a short video that I included for my project proposal pitch to the class. Just watching it sends shivers down my spine…music is THAT powerful:


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