If my phone buzzes at 3 in the morning, it better be important.

And on April 9, it was. I had just poured myself into bed maybe an hour prior and was juuust starting to slip in to sleep at long last when my cell lit up at the sound of an alert and woke me from my half-asleep state. I glanced at the screen and assumed I had actually fallen into a deep REM-cycle and was having the most incredible dream because who’s message was taking over my screen, but Lorin Ashton? Ya know…this guy:


Bassnectar? If you don’t know who this King of Bass is, please watch the recap of his NYE 2013 performance in Nashville. His concerts never cease to leave me with chills.

If anyone is going to try reaching me at 3am, I sure as hell don’t mind if it’s Bassnectar. Contact me anytime, really. So, how did this even happen? Well, who says Twitter is pointless? I will battle you because one simple little tweet led to a long stream of direct messages between me and the man himself. I was searching all over the internet for an e-mail address that would lead me to Bassnectar, but somehow could not find one ANYWHERE. Out of the ENTIRE interwebz. I wanted to ask him if he would participate in my master’s thesis because he is one of my favorite musicians and every interview I have ever read from him has always been so through-provoking. He has such a phenomenal mind, so I thought he’d be perfect. Yes, I assumed there was zero possibility that he would ever read my e-mail, let alone respond to my inquiry, but it never hurts to ask, right? So, after tirelessly searching and not finding anything, I turned to Twitter where everybody turns to voice their complaints and opinions and hope someone in cyberspace actually listens because people in “real” life don’t. I simply tweeted this:

“Anybody have @bassnectar’s e-mail in their Rolodex? I’ve got a serious question for him.”

Obviously I was just joking around…I mean, can you even find a real Rolodex anymore? Minus the one that’s still on the kitchen counter by the phone at my parent’s house. Needless to say, nobody responded to me, except Bassnectar himself. I literally gasped when this showed up on my cell phone:

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 5.28.39 PM

And then when “wadap :)” popped up in my Twitter inbox directly from him, I just about fell over from my squeals of excitement that could have topped any screaming 12-year-old Bieber fan. And this is what I replied with (please don’t judge me, I was so starstruck):

Me: Oh my goodness just having a mild freak out in the business center at my school right now. SO happy (and not expecting) to hear from you! I was trying to find a way to contact you to tell you about my master’s thesis which is centered around conversations on music. I am featuring artist interviews and have absolutely loved your music for years and every concert is a beyond phenomenal experience and I would be so honored if I could could include a short interview with you on my website that I’m creating (called “Simply Vibes”). Of course I understand if you are too busy, but it never hurts to ask and dream

So, that was at about midnight. I waited and waited for a response, but didn’t hear back. I really thought my schoolgirl ramblings had ruined my chances. So at 2:15, I sent one more saying “goodnight :)” and that was that until 3am when he responded:

Bassnectar: I’m sorry because I don’t ever want to say “I”m too busy” but currently literally don’t have the time – I’m preparing nonstop for Tour. It’s taking up every last second and then I’m on a mad dash for six weeks straight. I wish I could help cuz lots of people ask for this kind of thing and it sounds MAD fun:) but I wish you luck

So, the next morning I got back to him again and said:

Me: I can’t even imagine how busy touring makes your life, but we appreciate you for putting so much soul into your shows:) I would be disappointed in myself if I didn’t at least leave my questions with you, so if you find yourself with time to ponder, a webcam recording of your answers or even written, would be perfect for my site: 1. What has been your most memorable musical experience 2. who is the most prized artist in your own collection and why 3. who/what inspires you and your music 4. what specific tracks/artists should people be listening to right now 5. what does music mean to you? Thanks so much for contacting me Lorin, I hope I get to see you on tour or at a festival soon:) And best of luck with your upcoming show blitz!

Unexpectedly, 2 hours later…he answered one question. The most important one. The one that is the heart and soul of my project: What does music mean to you? I had a silent freak out in public.


You’re just going to have to check out my website for the answer when it launches in May.

So, that’s how it all happened. I owe Twitter a batch of cookies and my life or something. It may not be a complete webcam recorded interview, but it’s a written response to the most important question from someone I admire so much for his mind and musical talent. I’m just so beyond pumped he answered that question. Thank you, Bass Gods.

That was a pretty monumental moment in my thesis work. I also have one potential other BIG thing happening, but I will keep my lips sealed until it’s final. Other than chatting with Bassnectar, I have reached out to many other artists to ask for participation in my project. As of right now, I have contacted 25 people and have had 9 respond with interest. More than halfway to my initial goal of 15! If you know of any artists (of any genre) that would be interested in recording their answers to my questions, please don’t hold back! I would love to feature anyone and everyone!

As for my social media, that’s going pretty well. It’s been fun to post anything and everything music all day every day. I now have 90 likes on my Facebook page, 42 Twitter followers, and 19 Instagram followers (still need to work on that). Keep spreading the word everyone!

My next steps will be to actually start gathering all of this video footage. Hopefully the people who have said “yes” will start sending in their interviews. I’m also going to try to go to Elon’s spring show this week (3LAU and Big Sean!) to get some footage for a potential promo video. I have this grand idea of a really awesome time lapse in my head, so if that works out, I’d be so happy. I’ve also started asking for music fans to give me some webcam interviews and I’ve had one complete it….SHOUT OUT TO IRIS GEM for being my first interview. It’s awesome. I’m so excited to hear everybody’s responses as they come in. Music rocks. Oh, I also need to decide on a WordPress theme for my site. Reminder to myself to actually get that done this week.

So, that’s about it for now. Until next time, please “like” Simply Vibes’ Facebook page and follow me on Twitter and Instagram. Also, watch Coachella streamed live on YouTube. If we can’t all be out in Cali, at least we can enjoy it from the comfort of our own couches on the East coast. Peace and blessins’.



2 responses to “If my phone buzzes at 3 in the morning, it better be important.

  1. Oh my god- I got a shout out! Almost as good as bassnectar responding. SO COOL. It’s moments like that which make all the hard work worth it.

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