Lovin every minute cause you make me feel so alive.

That’s from a great new song by Empire of the Sun (check it here). But that statement could not be more false in my life right now. Let’s dissect: “Lovin’ every minute…”

False. I want to rip my eyeballs out. I do not love every minute of this semester currently.

“…you make me feel so alive.”


My reflection.

Negative. I look in the mirror and it tells me I’m less alive than a zombie.

But okay, there really has to be something good happening in my thesis progress…right? I’m just super pessimistic right now because I came to the harsh realization that we have exactly 19 days until we’re supposed to be done and ready to graduate. Is it humanly possible to finish everything in that amount of time? I’m not sure. But somehow things always come together. So I’m going to assume that this won’t be any different. I just may shed a few more blood, sweat, and tears than usual. But after that, I will be a (jedi) MASTER (of interactive media).


Let’s see…what has happened since my chat with Bassnectar (gosh, those were the days)? I did receive a written interview from a member of a band that I have loved for the past 5 years. I won’t disclose their identity yet…you’ll just have to wait for the unveiling of my website. But it’s super exciting they even acknowledged my request for an interview and that they actually answered my 5 questions (because they have played at festivals like Coachella, Bonnaroo, SXSW, Lollapalooza). Just another reason I love them so much. Sidenote: if you go to Simply Vibes’ Facebook page, you’ll see there’s a contest (where you can win something) if you guess the band that the member is part of. So do that now!

Aside from that, I’ve contacted about 32 artists for potential interviews and of them, 12 have expressed interest, 17 haven’t responded, and 2 said they had to decline (Porter Robinson’s management and The xx…so I wasn’t exactly expecting a “yes” from them anyway). My initial goal was to get 15 artists. So, I’m almost there with the number of people who have said they’ll do it, but now I actually have to get the interview footage from them. Another challenge. I did receive my first webcam interview a week or so ago though, and it was really great to watch! It made me realize I truly do love my topic and love to talk about music (it’s just difficult to like the actual project at times because of the stress and pressure I put on myself to want to do so well).

I’ve also collected fan interviews from friends who enjoy music. I’ve been gathering them for my digital storytelling final project, but obviously I wanted to incorporate them into my thesis, as well. I have 3 so far…which you can watch here, here, and here…and have had several other friends promise their help (thank you thank you thank you!!), so I’m really looking forward to getting their responses…I think it’s so interesting to listen to everyone’s thoughts and opinions on music (why I set out to do this project in the first place). Just another example of music bringing people together. LOVE IT.

I went to Elon’s spring show the other weekend (whattup 3LAU and Big Sean?!) and attempted my very first time-lapse photography. Thanks to Kelsey in the iMedia program, I actually got it to work! I’m not saying my footage looks perfect, but I was amazed I even got the intervolometer to do what it was supposed to. Here’s a preview of some of the footage I got (which is NOT corrected, edited, it’s missing some files, and it’s just not done AT ALL…so please don’t think this is the final product). I’m hoping to edit this and make it into a really neat promo for my website.

I’ve also finally decided on a WordPress theme to use to build my website. It took a while to find one that I was actually excited about. Here’s a sneak peak:


So, that’s what’s been going on with my thesis. I’m hoping to make A LOT of headway the next day or two (for my peace of mind, the fact this project is due in 19 days with graduation quickly following, and because we have a presentation Thursday on our progress and currently there’s not much to document). As always, please keep spreading the word about this project. If you love music, or know someone who does, get in touch with me! And check out my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts while you’re at it. Until next time (which may be tomorrow because I apparently I need 4 more blog posts before this weekend??), keep groovin.



2 responses to “Lovin every minute cause you make me feel so alive.

  1. So much progress Renee! I can’t wait to see the final product and glad I could help out!

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