The Final Push (and Shove)

Listen to this.

Just because.

I can count the amount of days remaining until website launch on ONE hand! FOUR DAYS. Simply Vibes will be live in just four days. I hope you’re as excited as I am, and even more…I hope you like it. It has kind of become my altar ego (I refer to Simply Vibes as if it’s a person in daily conversation…ask my friends who judge me lovingly). So, I’m basically saying my entire soul would be crushed if you don’t like it. And you don’t want that to happen.

Slightly unrelated note on soul crushing...

Slightly unrelated note on soul crushing…

Since my last update, I have been busy continuing to set up the site…putting all of the interview videos in, writing copy, recording myself for an interview (figured it was only fair I be put on webcam since I made everyone else do it), adding links, finding and editing photos, adding albums, recruiting more people to contribute…lots goin on (in between trying to finish up other projects, my portfolio, and spending time with friends before we leave each other after this whole graduation thing for the 2nd time). Also sort of not really but trying to job hunt. Does browsing websites and LinkedIn profiles count?


I’ve also been working a lot on my little promo/intro video which features the timelapse I did of the setup for Elon’s spring show (sneak peek here!). That’s actually been kind of fun, even though I’m sort of in a creative rut with it right now. Hopefully I’ll find some inspiration (most likely when I’m brushing my teeth, in that state between being awake and asleep, or enjoying a brew – specifically Word To Your Mother…based on my track record). The timelapse features a song from TMare, an incredibly talented up-and-coming DJ from Elon…definitely check it out! And spread the word about my website launch!


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