Can you feel iiiittttt?

Simply Vibes is launching TODAY. What started as a small idea 5 months ago is about to be launched as a full-blown website within the next 22 hours. I’m sitting here in the computer lab at 2:30am with a handful of other red-eyed grad students as we put the finishing touches on our projects (with the lights constantly going off because we don’t move enough from our computers to activate the motion sensors that Elon has put on all of the lights in every classroom as they strive to be the most energy-efficient – holy run-on sentence).

This is me. Approximately.

This is me. Approximately.

I have spent hours trying to perfect my intro video since that is one of the first things people will see. I was struggling to really get it right, but now that it’s done…I’m actually happy with it. Video editing is something I had never done before this program…on top of never using a Canon 7D…on top of never doing a time-lapse…so to actually have this end product turn out the way it did is a pretty cool accomplishment for myself. I would post it here for you to see, but it hasn’t exported yet (and it says it will take over an hour to do so, sooooo I think that’s something I will let it do while I’m sleeping tonight). You’ll just have to wait for launch to see it!

Other than the video, I have worked on tweaking other parts of the site – from colors to logos to copy to photos. I also recorded myself for a brief intro to the website, as well as my own interview to share my thoughts on music. I figured since I made everyone else get in front of the camera…I should have to do it, too. You can check it out here, if you’re interested. Sidenote: I swear I’m not crying when I talk about what music means to me. I’m super passionate about it and everything, but the whole sniffly nose and crackly voice is due to my hardcore attempt to not sneeze and cough at the same time on camera. I somehow managed to pick up some rand cold the final days of the semester. It’s May…who gets sick in May?

This girl.

I hope y’all are excited to finally see what I have been working on and writing about so much for the past 5 months. I’m really excited to share it with everyone and I really do hope that someday it may turn in to something bigger. I’m going to leave you for now, but come launch time…I hope you spread the word about Simply Vibes!

This is where I want to be.

This is where I want to be.


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