Set It and Forget It

So, if I were to write the 10 Commandments of Social Media or like…the 7 deadliest sins one can commit while Facebooking/Tweeting/LinkingIn/Instagramming/Pinning/Google+ing/YouTubing/Every-Other-Made-Up-Verb-That-Will-Soon-Be-Added-To-The-Oxford-Dictionary-Along-With-Twerking…I would most definitely include “Ye Shall Not Set It And Forget It Lest Ye be freaking sent to the hellish purgatory of the social media world which would look something like a swirling vortex of grumpy cats, hot dog legs, and political rants on Facebook coming from people who think their (non)education makes them the best candidate to offer a solution to fix our permanently broken society.



Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 10.11.10 PM

So. Be Christians or go away. Oh my god. A part of my patriotism just died a little bit.

Anyway, can you imagine? You DO NOT want to be sent to where that world exists 24/7. Even though I’m now thinking about it and we actually do live in that world, but at least we have the option to leave it. If you’re sent to that purgatory…AIN’T NO LEAVIN IT. Moral of the story: set it and forget it is not a thing anyone should believe in when it comes to social media. Leave it for the rotisserie, dear. 

So, where did I hear this piece of advice lies? ConvergeSouth in Greensboro, North Carolina – a conference on all things #social, #web, and #content. You’d think they would maybe understand the basics of those 3 topics before putting on a full-day conference surrounding them. I’m not saying the conference wasn’t valuable or that there weren’t good speakers present…in fact, I’ll share some wisdom from it a bit later…but I just couldn’t get over the fact that one of the appointed speakers actually used the term “set it and forget it” when talking about developing a social strategy for a client. I literally LOL’ed during the presentation.

Now, maybe I should provide some context because “if content is king, context is the all mighty messiah” or something like that…

She was talking about what she had done to get all of the client’s social media accounts up and off the ground. She discussed the platforms they’re on and why/how they use them. Some valid points were made. And then she started talking about how they have Pinterest and, here, you can…”~I don’t want to say set it and forget it…but you don’t have to really monitor or update it all of the time~”…was approximately the quote.

That might be the single worst thing you can do as a brand on any social media platform. It would honestly be better to have ZERO social media presence than to have one where some CEO out-of-tune with the digital world asked his 12-year-old granddaughter to set-up The Facebook or The Twitter for the company and she posted this the same day there was a mass shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado and the company just “set it” and never followed up with anything afterwards…

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 10.50.50 PM



Unless you want your brand to implode on itself.


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