I’m Renée.

Originally, I started this blog because I had to. It was a requirement as part of my Interactive Media (iMedia) master’s program at Elon University in North Carolina. Unlike most students, I didn’t whine or groan about being “forced” to blog. I honestly enjoy writing and have enjoyed it since I was strong enough to hold a pencil and smart enough to put halfway coherent thoughts together in what could grammatically be considered a sentence. Here you’ll find my whirlwind experience in the iMedia program documented – including my insane spring semester dedicated to completing my master’s thesis. I chose to tackle that beast with music as my weapon as it’s truly one of my greatest passions. The end result was Simply Vibes, which I would love for you to check out when you have a moment.

May 2013 brought the end of my master’s program, as well as what only could have been considered a “fake” life as I have supposedly now entered what everyone calls the “real” world. It only took me 24 years! I spend my days working at a marketing and ad agency in North Carolina where I actually get paid to Facebook, Tweet, Instagram, Pin, +1, LinkIn and any other made-up verb you can think of in the social stratosphere. And no, your 12-year-old can’t do my job just because they’ve had Facebook since the womb. I don’t care if they’re an honors student.

So now that I don’t have a professor to tell me what to blog, I’m setting out on my own to discover topics that I want to write about. They may not always be the most philosophical, but I hope you enjoy reading the ramblings that go on inside my head.